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The Mustard

The Mustard

Words, we use them every day but often, we don’t give them that much thought. The thing about words is that they cause a reaction in us, whether it’s good or bad. They make us feel things and they leave us with impressions about people, places and things. When they are used on their own it’s hard to make sense of them but when you use them together, they tell a story.

Here are a few words that may seem unrelated but together tell a story; Jazzy, rustic, mustard, sustainable, chilled, contemporary, casual, recycle, art. These are just some of the words that one can use to describe different aspects of the same place, The Mustard: a jazzy and rustic casual dining restaurant located in Vincent, East London. They celebrated their first birthday on April 14 and this is just the beginning. They hope to have their launch soon in celebration of their first birthday but also to introduce themselves to the East London community.

Who is The Mustard?

The mustard is a rustic and contemporary dining restaurant with chilled vibes. As you walk in through their doors, you are met with the comfortability and subtle cosiness of the main dining hall. Then there’s a deck area that is a little smaller and is perfect for your small group get together and event but when the deck isn’t being used for a function, it is an extension of the dining hall where you can hang out in a group, smoke hub and just chill with friends. Because of the relaxed atmosphere, it’s a space for different people to meet together around good conversation and just chill and vibe together. The deck leads to an outside dining and sitting area with a small bonfire area and a big garden that is perfect to host a party on a beautiful sunny day or clear and starry evening. The garden area is ideal for all sorts of parties, including kids’ birthday parties, with enough space to even put up a jumping castle.

What kind of food can one expect to find on the menu?

Their menu is a wonderful mix of traditional food, contemporary platters and tapas boards. Their signature dish is their beef arrabiata which is a pasta dish with a tomato base sauce. Another favourite from their menu is their meat platter for 2 which includes 4 lamb chops, 4 chicken wings, 2 boerewors and 4 seared rump steaks-doesn’t that just make your mouth water. As winter approaches, you can look forward to one of their season favourites, Ulusu.

What makes visiting the mustard such a wonderful experience?

The Mustard is a different kind of restaurant. How many restaurants have you been to that have used recycled materials to build and furnish their place? When the previous building was demolished, some of the material was reused in the building of the new structure that would eventually become The Mustard restaurant. Additionally to that, some of their furniture is made using recycled pellets.

The mustard considers itself an artistic restaurant with the aim of bringing together the culinary and design arts together, which they’ve done well. They also extend an open invitation to other forms of art to use the space. Their hope is to have The Mustard be used as a space to showcase the arts in their various forms and to celebrate them. As a visitor to the restaurant you get to enjoy the rustic and jazzy atmosphere while enjoying the wonderful food and the art pieces on display. The art pieces are also for sale, which means that you are welcome to enquire about purchasing them. This of course means that their art pieces are constantly changing.

When can you drop in for a visit?

Monday to Saturday from 09:00 until 22:00

Sunday from 11:00 till 19:00

So drop in for breakfast, or drop in for your lunch break or come with your friends and family for a lovely quiet dinner. If you’re in the surrounding Vincent area, you can also call about having your lunch delivered to your office.

They also recently acquired their liquor licence so you are welcome to drop in for a happy hour detour as you make your way home from work between 17:00 and 18:00.

What can you expect on a Saturday evening?

On occasion, there is live music on Friday and Saturday evenings which is mainly Afrocentric and afro pop music from local breakout artists, but it is open to most genres of music.

After their launch, they hope to return to having deep house sessions on Sundays so make sure to follow them on their social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) so that you don’t miss out on what they are getting up to @themustard_sa. You can also reach them by telephone on 0676074137 and 0437212066 to make a reservation or to enquire about hosting an event or party there.


Written By: Sisanda Mrubata