About One Drink

One Drink was founded in 2017 by 6 MBA Students at Wits business school. Having built a bond amongst themselves, these students conceptualized the idea to continue learning outside of the classroom through a platform called “One Drink with …”. The concept was to invite influential leaders who they thought they could gain insight and knowledge from.

The point of these sessions was to engage with leaders from all walks of life in a less formal setting as a small group over “one drink”. The aim was to share interests, to network, build relationships, and mostly to learn from each other.

Inspired by this initiative, KhulaKoloni will be hosting “One Drink” sessions across the Eastern Cape. These sessions will be used to invite entrepreneurs and business leaders from all walks of life, who share a passion for the Eastern Cape and have experience and knowledge to share. We want to create an environment that will inspire, create, educate and be collaborative with entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Cheers to “One Drink”

One Drink Guests

A in detail summary of our casual interviews with some of the leading entrepreneurs in South Africa/