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At Philani we offer a hands on manual physiotherapy that includes spine alignment, joints loosening, soft tissue and spinal massage.

We focus on misalignment’s in the spine, as these can cause organs to malfunction and in turn lead to disease.

This Manual Physiotherapy has successfully treated migraines, scoliosis and other skeletal & muscular linked discomforts. Such as back and/or neck pain and sports injuries.

About Zanele Bosch

I graduated as a Traditional healer in July 2008 and have practised in different capacities of traditional healing since then.
Working with plants as medicine inspired me to study further. I have since received my qualification and advanced training in the Dorn Method and Breuss Massage; a German based method that gently aligns the spine, pelvis and other joints.
I have also received training in Cranio-sacral Therapy with the Upledger Foundation founded by Dr John Upledger.

Currently I am completing a dual degree: Bsc in Manual Osteopathy and Dr of Botanical Medicine degree through the National University of Medical Sciences.

The treatments I offer which combine plant medicine with manual therapy have shown great benefits to the clients, assisting them to overcome a variety of discomforts.
My journey of bridging worlds and healing methods continues.

May we all be healthy.

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