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The Lakritz Concept

Lakritz offers a new way to experience Contemporary Abstract Art for the novice and the more assertive collectors alike. The Concept behind Lakritz Contemporary Art Studio/Gallery is based on the Ideas:

  • Keep the atmosphere relaxed and personal.
  • Visit the Artist rather than a Gallery and experience the Art in a personal living environment
  • Asked Question and get answers directly from the Artist.
  • The other fantastic opportunity offered by Lakritz is the possibility to rent the attached 50sqm Holiday Flat and spend time with original artwork
  • Get a feeling for the energy radiating off the Art piece and take your time to see how you are influenced by it.

    Live in Art

    The Lakritz are studio offers accommodation for those whom would like to live amongst our contemerary art at their own leisure.

    Pleasant personal experiences

    Studio/Gallery is determined to keep this experience personal and pleasant. We are open 7 days a week by appointment.

    Huge Collection

    Our Studio/Gallery displays multiple art pieces created across a large period of time displaying the progression of the artist.


Our Address:

26 Willasdale Dr, Bonnie Doon, East London, 5241

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