Between Finance and the Culinary Arts, PR and Arts Activism, to Entrepreneurship and Multimedia Specialization, the team behind For the Love of Cooking (FTLOC) is what you’d fantasize synergy to be. Unless of course it’s a foreign concept to you, then you ought to pay attention. Speaking on the upcoming Double Mouth Nature Reserve Experience, the team puts food at the forefront. So what exactly is this experience that they speak of?

“Food is the champion”, says Mbuyi. The words “Delicious & Bushfire” protrude the conversation more often. I am convinced they are the overarching theme. Listening to the four team members present, I get a sense that it’s much more than these two words: It’s an experience! Quietening it down to just two words, would be a grave injustice.

The FTLOC crew consists of six very different and diverse individuals. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the workings of this machine of theirs. Take Anam for instance; for those who are familiar with Ultimate Braai Master, the 6th season in particular, you might remember him from there as one part of the duo – Dynamite Shortiez. He’s a bush cook, creative artist, photographer, arts activist and has interests in fashion as the founder of– Ilaph’ Lam Online Fashion Journal. Qukeza operates as the Mother. She’s the coordinator, the heartbeat of the group, the PR person. Luvuyo on the other hand is the troop’s avowed foodie – though debatable. He’s an all-round entrepreneur and strategist. Kwezi, a qualified chef. He has a keenness towards elegant rustic cooking. A well-travelled man, he opened a South African themed restaurant in the time he spent in Shanghai, China. Upon his return, he has since expanded his interests outside of cooking and became involved with the Ethe Vetshe Foundation which focuses on teaching Math, Science, and Computers to school children in the Eastern Cape. Nombuyiselo, “Mbuyi”, is the numbers person of the group. She is in Marketing and Finances. Whereas Nathi is the Multimedia Specialist.

Double Mouth Nature Reserve Experience is a vibe, an educational awareness, a feast, a return to form – as far as food is concerned, a labor of love. Although events warrant an audience, this is not for everyone. It’s a gutsy undertaking given how almost nonexistent gatherings of this sort are here in the Eastern Cape.

Despite that fact, it is also arguably for everyone. For foodies, a mixture of adult-centric event as well as family friendly entertainment. It’s a chance to introduce and promote camping to the people of the Eastern Cape. It’s a boastfulness about the province and the food that originates from it. All of this happening in a relaxed environment with music that attaches itself as well as the day to your memory.

PS, An empty belly and an open mind are definite prerequisites.


Writing By: Anda Yoko 


Location: Double Mouth Nature Reserve

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