Mdantsane Mobile

Their Twitter headline reads “We are a low-cost internet service provider.” Reading it further, you get a simplified breakdown of what you do and don’t need to be connected. We are outside, the Sunday weather allows us. I’m no dendrologist (that’s what a tree-ologist is, right?) but this big tree somehow makes a great add-on to the ambiance of the day.


For the first time ever, East London will be hosting the EC10s series which is a sporting festival hosted in the beautiful city during the December festive season. The unique experience promises a day of sporting, live entertainment, fun, beer tent and AmaGwijo.

The Mustard

Words, we use them every day but often, we don’t give them that much thought. The thing about words is that they cause a reaction in us, whether it’s good or bad. They make us feel things and they leave us with impressions about people, places and things. When they are used on their own […]