Welcome to the ‘One Stop Shop’ for Entrepreneurs in the Eastern Cape !

KhulaKoloni translated is “Grow Eastern Cape” and we believe entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of poverty alleviation, economic development and transforming the province`s economy.

Here you will find a central meeting point for start-ups and SMME`s to access all the information they need to grow and thrive in EC. KhulaKoloni provides business news specific to the Eastern Cape. A rich pool of resources such as career vacancies, business listings and articles showcasing local entrepreneurs. Designed as a space to inspire, create, educate and collaborate with entrepreneurs from all walks of life.


Our Vision

The 2 main objectives of KulaKoloni are to:

  • Connect people such as start-ups, investors, accelerators, female entrepreneurs, corporate networks and universities through our array of networks.
  • Connect local startup ecosystems by supporting regional initiatives that focus on building the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

It is our view that reducing poverty and unemployment in Eastern Cape can be achieved by enabling the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to provide a platform for entrepreneurs and stakeholders within the government, universities and municipalities to connect and also celebrate those who are forging a path within this space.